We spend a lot of time talking about how to secure regular doors, but what about sliding doors? For protecting your exterior sliding door, you have a few options. You can allow your deck or patio to deteriorate to the point that it is a death trap for any would-be intruder. On the other hand, you can use one of our recommendations below to make your sliding glass door more secure in 2022, such as adding an a security bar, window film or alarm sensor; replacing the lock with a deadbolt; or installing a security camera.

Lock your door

Keep your sliding door shut as well as locked at all times. The first line of defense is a lock. While the ordinary sliding door lock isn’t very powerful or secure, it’s better than nothing. Our other suggestions won’t keep you secure if you don’t lock the door in the first place. This is the most important and compulsory thing.

1. Add alarm sensor

A simple method for securing your sliding door is installing alarm sensors that are connected to a home security system. Door/window sensors are included in most alarm systems (commonly known as entry sensors). These sensors, which are affixed to a door frame, track open/close motions. If the door is forced open, the alarm sounds and a call for help is made.
Glass break sensors are included in some alarm systems. The sound that glass emits as it breaks is detected by these sensors. Depending on your provider and settings, the system will send an alarm to either you or your monitoring center when it detects breaking glass.

2. Add window film

Sliding glass doors are extremely vulnerable to breakage. We recommend using a window film to keep intruders out. This polyethylene coating prevents a cracked sliding glass door from falling apart completely, making it more difficult for an unwanted person to enter. To be clear, with sliding glass doors, burglars aren’t our primary concern. We’ve read several interviews with previous burglars, and the majority of them claim they prefer to break into a house in the least obtrusive way possible.

If you don’t want people to be able to see you through your sliding glass door but don’t have any curtains or blinds, window film can help. Some window films have patterns on them that allow you to look out but not in. Simply read the specifications; we don’t encounter many window films that are both shatterproof and privacy-enhancing.

Here are a few top-rated shatterproof window films we recommend. 1.Clear Window Security Film 2. VViViD 12 Mil Clear Vinyl Shatterproof Safety Window Film

3. Add a rod in the tracks

For increased security, a metal rod is included with certain sliding doors. Use this if your door already has this feature. It helps in the reinforcement of the door against unauthorized entry. Adding a rod to your door if it doesn’t already have one is a cheap fix.

4. Get a deadbolt lock

Sliding door locks, in general, aren’t very secure, as we’ve noticed. It’s suggested to buy a door that has a lock that can’t be opened from the outside. If you’re searching for a patio door for a new home, we recommend going with something safer, such as French doors with a conventional mortise lock. It’s more secure. However, we understand that when you move into a pre-existing property, you aren’t given the option of choosing your own sliding door locks. If you’re able, replace the sliding door with a deadbolt.

5. Install a security camera

Security cameras aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a solution. They’re usually pricey, complex to set up, and demand continuous subscriptions. A security camera, on the other hand, is an excellent solution for a vulnerable area such as a sliding glass door. Intruders and burglars are less likely to interfere with your sliding glass door if you keep a camera installed on it. They don’t want their activities to be caught on camera.
Try any or all of these suggestions if you need to secure your sliding glass door. If you’re still concerned after that, we can suggest further measures to secure your home. Alternatively, if you’re interested in any of the home security systems we mentioned before, here are individual reviews for our top DIY motion sensor brands.

How do I fix my sliding glass door?

If your sliding glass door is broken, there are professional options available to assist you. Sliding door repair is available from some window and door companies. You may also need to call an old-fashioned locksmith if the lock is stuck or broken. A suggestion- if your door was broken during an attempted break-in, it means your sliding door is vulnerable to criminals. As an added deterrent, you should improve the existing security on the door.

What about my pocket door?

Not all of these safety precautions will apply if you have an internal pocket door. Your pocket door does not provide the same security danger because it is on the inside. However, if your pocket door is made of glass for natural light, we recommend using window film to reinforce it. Accidents do happen and can happen anytime.
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