What makes sliding doors glide effortlessly? The answer is Rollers. Rollers for sliding doors are usually made of plastic or steel and fit inside a metal casing. They, like everything else in life, stop working properly sometimes and need some attention. When it comes to sliding doors in Miami – Dade County and Broward County, you can’t afford to wait around for days for someone to come out and fix them. It’s not simply a matter of convenience, it’s also a matter of safety. It’s easier to break into a door that doesn’t open and close properly.

Sliding door repairs should not be attempted on your own. The task is far more challenging than it appears at first. The roller repair on a sliding door requires the removal of the door from its tracks, which are very heavy. If your sliding door were to fall and break, you and your family could be exposed to broken glass. While you may try to change your rollers on your own, professional sliding door roller repair and replacement is a quick process. Experts arrive on-site and complete a full inspection to find any other possible issues that might be interfering with the functioning of your door.

Sliding door rollers that aren’t working often go hand in hand with track misalignment or obstructions, resulting in a jammed door. Our team of experts will work on-site. They are all licensed and insured, as well as have the most up-to-date expertise on sliding door technology. There is no work too big or too small for us, whether it’s a simple roller change or a full-on door installation. Whatever you require, A-1 Sliding Doors is always here to help you with our outstanding service, low pricing, and unbeatable speed.

Key Benefit of Service

Call our team of trained and talented handymen if you need simple sliding door maintenance or any parts replaced. We are proud of our hardworking technicians.

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Is it difficult to open your door? Does it appear to be quite heavy? If your answer is yes, then all that is required is a roller replacement. When your sliding door is not working properly and is difficult to open it can feel like it weighs a ton. Moreover, the door can become a safety threat and an energy efficiency issue.

A sliding door can be difficult to open due to a number of reasons:
The lock sticks
The build-up of dirt and pet hair on the track or rollers
The track is worn down
The sliding door rollers can be worn because of excess moisture, rust, or age
Contact A-1 Sliding Doors if any of these things happen. We will arrive at your location and repair or replace the rollers on your sliding door. 

If a change of door is required, we can provide you with a replacement as well as repair services for your sliding door.

Sliding Door Roller Repair and Fixes

The most essential component that connects your sliding door to the track is the rollers. High-quality rollers allow your door to glide smoothly and effortlessly, though low-quality rollers are usually the first part of the door to break down. Every week, we receive a large number of sliding door roller repair tasks in Miami – Dade County and Broward County. Unfortunately, many workers from low-cost sliding door repair companies use low-cost, low-quality door rollers and because of that, they break down very fast.

The highest quality sliding door rollers

The type of door rollers we use while repairing your sliding door is very important to us. We will go over the types of door rollers we use with you so that you are aware of the type and quality of our door rollers straight away. Many people are unaware of the number of parts that go into a door roller.

The importance of using the right sliding door rollers

A good quality door roller will be able to withstand being pushed, slammed, jammed, kids coming in and out, people kicking the door, and so on. What we need to do is ensure that the internal parts, as well as the springs and roller quality, are of extremely high quality. The lesser the quality, the worse the performance, the more quickly it will disintegrate and break down. The higher the quality of the roller, the longer it will last, the less care it will require, and the better your experience with opening and closing your door will be.

Security of your family and making sure your locks line up perfectly

One issue that many people overlook is their family’s security and safety. When it comes to door rollers, it’s important that the locks align. If you use a cheap roller with a heavy door then the door might drop and you won’t be able to lock your door anymore. If you can’t lock the door, it’s possible that it’s putting too much pressure on it since it’s dropped five millimeters, putting pressure on the locking mechanism of the door. We want to make sure that the door is correctly aligned and that we use high-quality rollers so that it can open and close smoothly.

High-quality rollers mean your door will not drop over time

Sliding door rollers of high quality will keep your door at the proper height to line up with your locks every time. When it comes to sliding door rollers, our goal is to use the greatest quality rollers so that we can ensure your satisfaction. You know exactly what you’re getting. 

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