At A-1 Sliding Doors, we offer only the highest quality rollers for your sliding doors. Using premium-grade stainless steel or silicone ensures durability and that your doors will glide smoothly for years to come.

The track serves as the foundation for your sliding doors. We take pride in using the highest quality, most heavy duty tracks on the market. Your tracks will maintain their shape, stand up to the strongest traffic, and stand the test of time.

At A-1 sliding doors, we keep a wide range of handles in stock for you to choose from . We take pride in our handles being USA made, which means high quality and strong durability.

We provide the highest quality, smoothest, non-jamming locks that will open your doors quickly and efficiently. Having the highest quality door locks is a necessary safety measure and an important part of sliding door installation.

Whether you need broken glass replaced, or you need new sliding doors, we can provide a wide variety of glass for you. We offer Tempered glass and glass in many other shapes and sizes to suit all of your sliding door needs. Call us today so that we can find the best glass replacement option for you


Our company uses heavy-duty, top-grade aluminum frames of the highest quality together with fiberglass mesh screens.

Your screens will be soft and strong for years of wear and enjoyment.