In Miami – Dade County and Broward County, nothing can beat the convenience of sliding doors. They give you simple access to your garden or patio, make a great decorative statement, and let in a lot of natural light. That’s why if they break down, you want them fixed as soon as possible and as professionally as possible.

Upper and/or lower tracks are required for sliding doors to slide. When such tracks become bent, chipped, broken, or misaligned, the whole door becomes almost useless. A blocked sliding door that won’t open or close correctly is both dangerous as well as inconvenient. The longer you wait to repair broken sliding door tracks, the more likely they may deteriorate, compromising other components like rollers, ball bearings, and the door itself. Take control of the situation before it gets out of hand, and have those tracks fixed as soon as possible.

Sliding door track repairs are as simple as cleaning them thoroughly. Removing clogged dirt and other lodged items from your sliding door track can be a simple repair for your sliding door track problems. Other times, the issue is more serious and needs professional assistance: bent or warped tracks must be straightened or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. Leave these to the experts, as with all sliding door repairs! The specialists at A-1 Sliding Doors will complete the job skillfully and quickly.

Our licensed professionals will arrive on location immediately after you schedule your appointment and evaluate your sliding door from top to bottom. While the main cause for the visit may be a track issue, we may also find other issues that may be preventing the door from sliding smoothly and safely. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s better to deal with everything at once rather than letting sliding door problems pile up. Remember that a broken sliding door puts your home’s security in danger, but all of that may be avoided with a simple phone call.

A-1 Sliding Doors provides complete sliding door repair and replacement services in Miami – Dade County and Broward County for all sliding door components, including glass, track, rollers, handles, and locks. Our team of qualified, licensed professionals will handle all kinds of big and small problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’re here for you with the Sliding Door guarantee: exceptional service at amazing prices, on-site and on-time, whether you need component repair, sliding door repair, or total sliding door replacement.

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Sliding Door Track Repair

Because of worn-out rollers, the ball and stem of the sliding door track (which is the section that the rollers ride on) may have deformities such as gouges, valleys, dents, waves, or divots. By putting a stainless-steel veneer cap over the top of the damaged ball, A-1 Sliding Doors may address such sliding door track repair issues. This provides a clean surface that ensures the new rollers fit properly.

A repair will not work if the valleys or dents are too deep, and a track replacement will be required. Your track will be broken at the ball and stem if you have a vinyl or PVC door. Because this problem is unfixable, your track will need to be replaced. Rollers are 1/4 round and ride on the ball; however, some of these tracks contain smaller balls than they should, causing the rollers to wear the track down more quickly.

Steel and stainless steel are used to make rollers. Aluminum, a softer metal, is used to make the tracks. When you install a heavy sliding glass door on top of a soft metal track with steel or stainless-steel wheels, the track bears a lot of weight. This can cause the aluminum to corrode over time. The track’s stainless-steel veneer ensures a smooth and silent operation while also avoiding derailment.

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All of these sliding door track repair difficulties, as well as many more, are addressed by A-1 Sliding Doors. We have the parts on hand to fix a wide range of problems. We can fix any sliding door track, regardless of the brand or age of the door.


Sliding Doors Track Replacing Made Easy

Is your sliding door difficult to open, or does it only open halfway? The issue could then be a bent or broken track. Dust on the sliding track might also cause the door to not open in some situations. We have a lot of experience with sliding door track replacement and will advise you on the best solution. You can read internet reviews or ask our clients in the community for recommendations.
For sliding door track replacement, we have been proved the most dependable and cost-effective option. Our clients are covered by a one-year workmanship guarantee. Call us at any time of day if you have an emergency due to a broken or twisted door track, and we’ll be on the way in a matter of minutes.

Is your door opening halfway or is opening with a lot of difficulties?

Your broken sliding door track can be fixed by A-1 Sliding Doors. We provide sliding door track replacement and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. A sliding door can be difficult to open due to a broken or misaligned track or dirt in the trail. To open it, you may have to use a lot of force. Give our sliding door repair specialists an opportunity to improve your door. We’ll make sure your door functions as if it was just installed. We provide a large selection of door items, so you won’t have to worry about finding high-quality repair materials.
We offer other services such as:

  • Sliding door glass replacement
  • Aligning sliding patio door
  • Emergency door repair
  • Lock and handle replacement
  • Sliding door roller/wheel replacement

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