Doors that slide open are a wonderful addition to any home. They not only allow natural lighting and circulation, but they also extend living areas to the outside. However, if we want our homes’ external aspects to last, they will take some maintenance and effort. Common problems with sliding patio doors include worn-out rollers, sticky tracks, clogged tracks and derailed doors, and a lot more.

Take Care of Your Door to Prevent Sticking

Addressing minor concerns now can save you money in the long run. Sticky doors are inconvenient, and if not addressed, they will only become worse. We’d like to share some helpful hints for keeping your sliding doors in good working order. You might be able to keep your doors in good shape if you set a bi-monthly reminder to maintain them.

1. Clean the Glass

Nothing beats the satisfaction of clean, shining windows. With some window cleaner and newspaper, you can simply remove sticky finger markings from children, sea mist build-up, general dust, and dirt. You can reduce dirt build-up in the surrounding frame and tracks by cleaning the glass on a regular basis.

2. Wipe down the Frame

Washing the inner and outer frames of the door can keep them looking clean and protect the outside frame seal from weathering damage. A quick dusting, followed by a bath in warm, lightly soapy water, is all that is required. Harsh chemicals should be avoided as they can damage the finish on your door frames. After the original varnish has begun to wear down, re-varnishing the wood is required for sliding doors with a wooden frame.

3. Clean the Track

Sliding doors undergo harsh wear from homeowners’ dirty shoes, crumbs, and pet hair because they are used frequently. They are, however, subjected to seasonal temperature variations as well as blown-in debris. Cleaning the tracks and rollers on a monthly basis is recommended. To begin, remove any loose debris and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Wipe away filth with a warm soapy water solution. Take your time cleaning grooves and hard-to-reach areas using a butter knife. An old toothbrush can be used to remove fine dirt from tight areas.

4. Lubricate the Tracks

Bottom tracks should be lubricated to prevent doors from sticking and becoming difficult to open. Do this only if the tracks are clean and dust-free. If your tracks are filthy or you’ve had a sticky door for a long time, it’s suggested to remove the doors from the rails so you can clean and lubricate the entire rail. Aluminum sliding tracks should not be lubricated. Lubrication might clog the rollers of Aluminum Sliding tracks, causing issues. Because aluminum rails do not rust, keep them clear of dirt and debris.

5. Replace Worn Out Weather stripping

Weathering strips on your door that are old and brittle will no longer protect your home from icy or wet temperatures. Removing old weather stripping, cleaning the surface of any residue or debris, and installing new weather stripping are all options for replacing weather stripping. Make sure it’s properly aligned and that you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Replace Worn Out Rollers

You may need to remove the rollers for additional investigation if the door is old or stubborn. Rollers that have become dirty can be reinstalled after cleaning and lubricating them. However, if your door rollers are damaged, you’ll have no choice but to replace them. Make sure the rollers are properly aligned and fiddle with the adjustment screws until the movement is smooth.

7. Check the alignment of the door panels

Misalignment and shaky movement can be caused by abuse of the sliding door (slamming), wrong installation, and hard knocks. Similarly, settling foundations or built-up debris can cause rollers to misalign. Adjust the roller screws or remove the door and straighten it from top to bottom to solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

Installing a high-quality sliding door from a reputable manufacturer will help extend the life of your patio, garden, or terrace exit. Check your warranty if problems appear to be occurring too soon. You might still be eligible for brand-specific repairs or maintenance. If your doors are beyond repair, speak with a professional about sliding door replacement choices that provide better insulation and durability.

A lot of sliding doors have a mechanism which is known as an adjusting screw that is located at the bottom of the door end. When you turn this screw the roller either rise up or lowers down. You can try by giving your screw a clockwise turn and see if your door starts sliding easily or not. If not then you can try by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. When it does simply do a little bit of adjustment the door must roll easily without rubbing on the bottom track.
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